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5 allows players to play a crazy multiplayer wargame. You can compete against other snowball players to be crowned the champion of snowball battles. You can fight until the last one is standing. Are you ready for a snow fight? Enjoy!

It's the most enjoyable thing to do when it snows! This time, you are the snowman. You will need to fight other snowmen in order to win this game. Input your name before you can start the game. Then, choose a scarf color and a hat (e.g., Santa hats, cowboy hats, bear hats, crowns, etc.), and create your snowman. Click the play button. The snowman will appear as a small snowman at first, but it may grow as you collect snowflakes from the ground. If you are larger than the rest, you will win the war. By throwing the balls that you have generated, you can defeat other players. You can manipulate your snowman by swiping the mouse or throwing snowballs with the left button. Avoid getting hit by snowballs, as this can cause injury. You don't need to finish any stages in this game. Instead, aim for the highest score. Be careful! You are at great risk from the map's edges! There should be no more than three seconds. Can you build the largest snowman possible and beat all the others? Launch the game, and then have some fun!

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