Space Bar Clicker
Space Bar Clicker

Space Bar Clicker

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Space Bar Clicker

Indulge in the ultimate spacebar-mashing extravaganza with Space Bar Clicker, a highly addictive and engaging clicker game that lives up to its name! This mindless and satisfying experience promises to keep you hooked as you embark on a journey of relentless spacebar smashing.

If you've ever explored the unique sounds and sensations of each keyboard button, you've likely noticed that the spacebar offers a distinct experience. Sadly, there aren't many games that truly let you savor the magic of this key—until now! Space Bar Clicker not only allows you to indulge in the pure joy of hitting that spacebar repeatedly but also rewards you for each click. Accumulate points by smashing the spacebar, and use them to unlock various upgrades that, in turn, boost your point-gaining potential. The ultimate challenge awaits: Can you reach a staggering 1,000,000 hit points?

How to play

Space Bar Clicker begins with a simple click on the virtual spacebar or your own keyboard's spacebar. With each press, the counter climbs by one. Keep clicking away until you can purchase your first upgrade. 

  • Your first upgrade, "Crazy Bird," bestows an automatic spacebar click every five seconds. 
  • Continue to accumulate points in your spacebar counter to unlock further upgrades, such as "Millennials" and "Zoomers," which yield 3 points and 20 points per second, respectively. 
  • Your quest for the most effective spacebar-smashing method will lead to even more outrageous upgrades, including "MG 3," which unleashes a German machine gun to fire rapid shots at the spacebar. 
  • And don't stop until you reach the ultimate upgrade, "The Hand of God," granting a whopping 1,000,000 points per second. It's pure button-mashing madness!