Space Dash
Space Dash

Space Dash

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Space Dash

Space Dash will take you on an adventure on a gem planet full of dangers. Prepare for a breathtaking journey as an astronaut. You will face heart-stopping threats with thrilling jumps. Use your current energy to perform high-class flying, overcome obstacles, and go the farthest.

The only limit in this platform game is the character's energy stat. This is the air that helps your astronaut breathe to increase strength. Therefore, please monitor this indicator to perform the corresponding activities. Aligning the time to hold and release the key is the key to impressive achievements.

Discover This Sparkling Planet

  • Space Dash has extremely complex graphics. The sophistication in every detail makes the gem planet come alive.
  • Diverse obstacle system with crystal blocks, lava, toxic gas, and so on.
  • The rules of the game are simple: Try to keep the character moving as far as possible.
  • The vacuum environment causes trouble for the character's energy. Please monitor the index to make reasonable adjustments.
  • Collect sparkling gems to increase your astronaut's score and energy.

Dash with the Astronaut

Your character will run automatically, and you cannot manage the pace of the round. To control, you just need to click to jump and hold down the key to fly. Note that all actions are closely dependent on the character's current energy source.