Suika Shapes
Suika Shapes

Suika Shapes

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Suika Shapes

Suika Shapes is a unique twist on the traditional Suika game. The objective is to match two shapes of the same color, creating even bigger shapes and earning points. But be careful, as you continue to play, the available space becomes limited.

Explore the leaderboards across all game modes! Compete with players from around the world, become a master in your favorite mode, and challenge your friends to beat your impressive scores.

There are various modes available, each featuring different shapes:

  • Circles
  • Triangles
  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Pentagons
  • Hexagons
  • Pluses
  • "T" Shapes
  • Or any combination of the above!

How To Play

Match colorful shapes within a shrinking space in this addictive match-two puzzle game.

Keyboard Controls

  • Use A and D to move the line left and right.
  • Hold Shift to increase the line's speed.
  • Use Q and E to rotate the current shape (except circles).
  • Press S or Spacebar to drop the current shape.

Mouse Controls

  • Aim where you want to drop the shape and left click.
  • Right-click to rotate the shape.
  • Middle-click to toggle the drop preview.
  • Scroll wheel adjusts the drop speed between slow and fast.

For the Speed Suika mode: You can use the scroll wheel to swap shapes. Holding the spacebar or left mouse button charges the drop power, allowing you to push shapes around.

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