Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

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Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a colorful skateboarding game in which players takes on the role of a cute raccoon surfer who collects gifts and avoids obstacles! While cruising along Sunset Island's white sand beaches and bustling city streets, you will learn how to control a longboard.You can learn amazing tricks like ramp jumping and longboarding backwards. Grab your longboard and race to Tanuki Sunset!

Tanuki Sunset is a third-person longboard skate game where players control a raccoon as it speeds downhill on a dynamically designed seashore road set against a synthwave background. Navigate the tight turns and collect Tanuki Bits to increase your Bonus Roulette Meter. Then, try to accumulate as many points as possible. Your chances of maximizing your score will increase if you push your luck as close to the wall and edges as possible. Grab some airtime, dodge automobiles, and avoid any obstructions.

How to play

  • 'A' and 'D' or 'Left' and 'Right' Keys
  • 'W' Key - Speed Stance
  • 'S' Key - 180 Slide
  • Space  - Drift
  • Escape - Pause

If you like this type of game, you should play Tunnel Rush and Color Tunnel. Have fun!

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