zBall 4 Halloween
zBall 4 Halloween

zBall 4 Halloween

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zBall 4 Halloween

Zball 4 Halloween will tests your reaction skills. You control a strange creature and decide when you want to turn. This endless runner is a fun and interesting game. Follow a zigzag-shaped route, and collect items, you can run as far as possible!

The Pumpkin Game: What's its point?

Strange objects litter the roads. These include:

  • Green arms
  • White skulls
  • Coffins
  • Etc.

As you move on, the scores will increase automatically. The number of points you keep going depends on how long. The items mentioned above give you additional bonuses. These items are not necessary. You want to purchase everything in the shop.

8 Things You Need to Know About Zball 4 Halloween Online

To see the complete list of objects you can find, tap on the cart. You will find blocks with different colors and direction signs. Each block costs 25 scores. Each one goes into the main menu. You can make it more by purchasing everything in the shop.

Ascending Difficulty

As you travel further, the road becomes more wild. You may also notice a sudden increase in speed, which can make it difficult to control the broom. You can learn to cope with this rush! You can try as many times as you like in Zball 4 Halloween for free. To enjoy the title, visit Kevin Games. You can switch to other adventure genres if desired.

How to play

A road constructed of squared panels is the highlight of the adventure. Your character is a witch riding a boom. Your commands are all that the magical vehicle will listen to. You must help the witch survive so that she doesn't fall into the dark abyss. To turn, click on the screen or use your mouse. You will die if you move beyond the panels.