Crunch Lock
Crunch Lock

Crunch Lock

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Crunch Lock

Play Crunch Lock and participate in a creative cleaning challenge. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, washing clothes? Of course not! This game will present puzzles in the form of foldable blocks. However, they are in a messy state. Your task is to tidy everything up to restore the inherent neatness of this colorful environment.

Crunch Lock requires players to have the ability to analyze situations at peak levels. You need to determine which wrenches need to be removed first to open up space for the next ones to operate smoothly. First of all, make sure you know everything about the rules for an endlessly marvelous experience!

Grasp the Game Rules

  • Each level will have a certain number of wrenches.
  • You can only teleport each segment when there are no obstacles.
  • Pay attention to the layers of each wrench to have the appropriate priority strategy.
  • The rotation direction of the segments is also a problem.
  • You can perform untangling on another block as soon as you get stuck.
  • Each round will have three bonus stars, which are also an assessment of your performance.
  • If you cannot solve the level, then you can use the “Skip” feature.

How to Control

It's not difficult at all; just click on the segment you want to fold left of one wrench and ask anyone to take their turn. Take turns until every block is neatly folded, then you win and move on to the next level.

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