Fall Beans

Fall Beans

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Fall Beans

Fall Beans

Fall Beans (Ultimate Knockdown Guys) is a multiplayer game featuring moving obstacles. The battle-royale style gameplay sees you racing against other players to reach the finish line. To avoid obstacles, choose the shortest route to victory by timing your moves!

Fall Beans inspired Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a free-to-play multiplayer game. You can race with your friends in a game area that requires a password or in a big race with a lot of other people. There are several stages, with hazards like a collapsing floor and sliding walls. To express your feelings to others, you may use emoticons or dance gestures.

You will get more experience points for participating in more races and winning more. Earning XP may allow you to level up. Higher levels earn you rewards in Fall Beans. These rewards could include currency, costumes, and dancing skills. You can have a look at the rewards by clicking on the stars on the menu screen.

If you are looking to make yourself instantly look like a Fall Beans veteran, you may be able to use the money in the shop to purchase a variety of cosmetic items.

How to play

How To Play Fall Beans

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Fall Beans, a unique game like Kipas Guys, is very different from any other. You can also play a lot of other ridiculous multiplayer games with your friends, or simply for fun!