Geometrical Dash
Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash

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Geometrical Dash

Welcome to the exciting world of Geometrical Dash! In this unique platform game, you control a speedy square on a mission to dash across levels at lightning speed. Be on the lookout for spikes and other hazards, as they'll send you back to the start. Precision and timing are crucial for success, so stay focused! Keep track of your attempts and aim to complete each level with as few tries as possible. 

How To Play

In Geometrical Dash, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey through a mesmerizing geometric world filled with dangers and traps. To jump, press the spacebar or tap the screen. Hold down the jump button for continuous jumping. 

Initially, you start with a single avatar for your courageous cube. To unlock new avatars, you'll need to collect gold coins through hard work and skillful play. Visit the shop to purchase a rocket, enabling you to soar through the vastness of geometric space. Get ready for an epic adventure in Geometrical Dash!

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