Geometry Dash Acid Rush

Geometry Dash Acid Rush

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Geometry Dash Acid Rush

Geometry Dash Acid Rush

Geometry Dash Acid Rush by Serponge, Lumpy, Jayuff, TheDevon, Echonox, Motleyorc, Alkali, Kips and Codex is an epic hard demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins.

The Hard Demon mega-collaboration called Geometry Dash Acid Rush was hosted by Serponge and validated by Luqualizer on November 24, 2017. The "Acid Rush" series' first level is this one. It has a color scheme of green and yellow, both of which are related to acid.


  • 0-16% (Lumpy): The level starts out at triple speed with an LDM toggle option before launching into a double-speed cube segment with some challenging timings. The player alternates between several cube and UFO portions during this part, which all include a lot of speed variations and orb timings. The player must strike a green orb towards the conclusion, followed by a pink dash orb, before passing through a double-speed portal to go on to the next section.
  • 16-27% (Jayuff): The player then needs to go across a segment of cubes while switching between a small and regular cube. In comparison to the other portions of the level, this one is rather simple since there aren't any twists and hardly any times to be kept in mind. The player then enters a ship sequence, which might be challenging because of certain small areas.
  • 27-38% (TheDevon): The player moves on to an area of double-speed cubes. This section is straightforward and rather simple. They have to leap twice and strike the two pink orbs. To advance to the next stage, players must first strike two blue orbs on the platforms and two dash orbs. The player now enters a wave portion at triple speed. There is nothing particularly difficult since the wave has plenty of freedom to move here.
  • 39-50% (Echonox): The player must now do few simple hops before hitting the green and pink dash orbs in order to enter the teleportation portal. To reach the quadruple-speed ball phase, they must first complete a few more simple leaps and then strike a blue and a dash orb. Although monsters are following the player in the ball phase of the game from behind, this part isn't very challenging. The player then enters the cube before exiting it and landing on the platforms to end this stage.
  • 50-60% (Motleyorc): A cube portion opens this section. The pace builds up gradually before picking up speed. The player must strike a few orbs in this section quickly. Before the drop, which begins with a 4x speed ship portion, the music in the cube area is quiet for a bit. Flying across incredibly small areas is required of the player. The player must leap onto a slope and then strike two green orbs after turning into a cube and hitting two slopes.
  • 60-67% (Kips): The participant changes into a little ball. They must strike a black and a yellow orb. They must then flip and make contact with two additional blue orbs. The player must now do a few flips in a small area. There are several effects happening in the foreground, which makes this phase a little challenging. The player completes this ball portion by striking a red, yellow, green, and blue orb. To advance to the next stage, the player must now do a precise leap with the cube and strike the blue ball.
  • 68-81% (Codex): The gamer moves onto a brief mini-robot portion. In order for the player to leap onto a slope when they transform into a cube, they must strike a green orb and grip a black orb. Then, in order to reach the opposite hill, they must leap. To advance to the next section, the player must first strike two green orbs and then execute a series of leaps. The player now switches to a long ship and has to travel through several little places while encountering numerous hills.
  • 81-100% (Serponge): The player now transforms into a little wave. This phase is very challenging not only because to the constrained area and the rapid level at this time, but also due to the many effects in the backdrop. The player must then strike two yellow orbs, a blue orb, and hop on certain slopes in a cube portion that follows. The UFO segment comes last. To complete the level, the player must strike a blue orb, a green orb, and then a dash orb.

User Coins

  • At 29%, the first coin is situated. The user simply has to click on the first pink orb in order to gather it.
  • The position of the second coin is 41%. The player must immediately leap after leaving the orange teleportation portal in order to acquire it.
  • The location of the third and final coin is 82%. After switching to a mini-wave, the player must fly higher to grab it.


  • 31,761 things are present on the level.
  • Acid Rush II is this level's sequel, while Acid Rush III is its triquel.
  • Jayuff identified as "Gayuff" for his part. He also performed this for his roles in Acid Rush II and III.

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