Geometry Dash Figures

Geometry Dash Figures

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Geometry Dash Figures

Geometry Dash Figures

Geometry Dash Figures is a Medium Demon level rated 10 stars produced, validated, and released by Glittershroom. It's a simple replica of Nine Circles with a pink motif that leans darker. It is typically viewed as an easier Medium Demon, yet it may get unpleasant if the player has sufficient mashing skill.


  • Although the level's length is classified as Long, it is really Medium in length. It is due to the 1.9 length system. The amount of items utilized dictated the level's length.
  • Many competent players see the level as extremely simple, although the initial ship may easily throw off a less experienced player.
  • It is one of only a few Nine Circles Demons to begin as a ship, the others being SuperNova and Ultimate Circles.
  • A odd coincidence is that each Nine Circles level with the music "Figures" is not copyable (including Figurative).
  • This level was formerly classified as Insane 9*.
  • This is one of the rare Nine Circles levels that lacks the creator's mark and the written "GG/GJ." They also finish before the descent.

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