Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles

Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles

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Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles

Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles

Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins, created by Suomi. It symbolizes the first generation of Nine Circles Levels, triumphing over the traditional style of 1.9 remakes, including his prior Nine Circles recreation, Space Circles. The level has a rainbow-colored scheme with 2.0 slopes during the wave, and the remainder of the level is a blend of the aesthetics of five famous remakes (Fairydust, Jawbreaker, Problematic, The Realistic, and the original Nine Circles). Many people see this level as an easy demon, because to its very short waves and great visibility throughout the wave segments.


The level begins with a ship that is hell-themed. It's easy to pass, but the player must avoid the giant saws. The song starts and the real gameplay begins. The cube of Nine Circles is followed by the cube of The Realistic. The cube is placed in a ship and the player must pass both a more difficult version of Problematic's sequence and Jawbreaker’s.

The first wave begins after Fairydust has completed her ball part. The first wave is easy because there aren’t any lines or spaces too tight. Even the player has to plan their timings due to the large number of gravity portals. The music slows down and the player moves to a robot section that resembles the second cube from Nine Circles. Next, the player enters a relatively easy ball, where the most famous remakes' styles flash cyclically. Finally, the player is able to move into an partially-autonomous robot, which is very similar to the original one. The music stops and the second wave section is presented. It is just as easy as the first, but is shorter. Suomi's signature is also included at the end of the level.

User Coins

  • At 3% in the ship sequence, you will find the first coin. You will need to fly carefully over the top to collect it.
  • The ball segment has the second coin at 35%. You must not touch the purple jump orb to collect it.
  • You will find the third and final coin at 58% in the robot segment. You don't need to jump on the last column to collect it.


  • This level has 17,095 objects.
  • It's a remake from Nine Circles.
  • With moderate timing, the player can skip the first segment.


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