Geometry Dash Future Funk

Geometry Dash Future Funk

Geometry Dash Future Funk

Geometry Dash Future Funk

Geometry Dash Future Funk

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Geometry Dash Future Funk

Geometry Dash Future Funk a Hard Demon rated 10 stars, created by JonathanGD and verified by mbed. Future Funk inspired by the main level Clutterfunk as well as High Life. It is well renowned for its distinct design, distinct tune, and XL duration of four minutes and twenty seconds. Because of its popularity, a sequel, Future Funk II, was produced.


The level begins with a cube section and a brief UFO portion. The level's name is briefly displayed after a ship section, followed closely by a wave section and another cube. After that is a mini-cube section with some fakes, followed by a double speed ship sequence with many rotating obstacles. A more difficult wave section is created after a short ball, UFO and mini-cube pieces.

The normal speed robot is next, followed by a shorter triple-speed ship. Next is a cube section of varying sizes, with a ball portion in the middle. The next section is a mini-cube section that is more challenging, and includes some fakes. A double-speed ship sequence is followed by a short break. The player then enters the cube section as the music slows down. The sequence ends with a tight-ship sequence at normal speed.

Next, you will see a robot section, a cube and a ship section. The next section features a symmetrical double, which includes two dual waves and dual unidentified objects. The music slows down after a lengthy spider segment that includes some fakes. This level then transitions to a mini-cube with unique decorations. The music increases and the player is greeted with a UFO-like segment with many moving objects. This section also has a dual but it is more difficult and asymmetrical. It includes a dual cube and cube-ball, a ship and ball dual, and a segment with a robot-ball and robot-ball.

The music slows down and the player moves into a half speed cube segment with objects that move to the beat. Next, a cube section with different speeds and lots jump orbs will be followed by a quick-paced mini-ball. The next segment is a normal-speed mini cube. The next section is completely in double-speed. It includes a robot, UFO, short mini-cubes, a small mini-ball, and a spider section. As a background effect, the last section displays the year 2018. There is a mini-ship section, a robot section and cube sections with tricky wave sections. Three pink jump orbs end the level. All of these require timing. The player will crash at 99% if they hit the jump orbs too soon.

User coins

  • At 8%, you will find the first coin. You will need to pass through the narrow passage below in order to collect it. To get a coin, however, you will need to collect a flask.
    • The flask can be found at 2%. To collect it, you must fly through the lower passage.
  • At 58%, you will find the second coin. To get it, you must hit the first and third square jump obbs. To make this work, however, you must collect the skull.
    • The skull can be found at 26%. You must not hit the yellow jump button, but rather fall and jump to collect it.
  • At the end of the level, you will find the third and final coin. It is free to collect. To make this happen, first hit the square jump button and then you can collect the skull. Once you have done this, you will be presented with a random challenge. The coin will be given to you if you succeed in completing the level. If you fail to complete the task, the coin will not be awarded.
    • The jump orb can be found at 86%. Jump quickly and you will be able to hit it.
    • 89% is where you will find the skull. To obtain the skull, you will need to jump.


  • This level has 115,393 items.
  • This level can be divided into two parts: the first is a Clutterfunk remake, and the second is a High Life remake.
  • This level is JonathanGD’s third-rated level in XL. The others are BuTi II and Dark Travel.
  • The text that appears before the mini cube section says "Every level must possess a double spike", and another text with a fainter message states "For AeonAir", which is a parody on Michigun's triple spikes.
  • Future Funk is an electronic music sub-genre. This is the genre that soundtracks the level.
  • The 99% jump was slightly nerfed on July 18, 2020.
  • Text that says "No secret route 4 u" if you die at 33%, 34% or 33%.
  • In August 2020, the level was updated without any changes to its version.
  • After beating Future Funk, WildPoint reached 215 BPM on July 18, 2021.
  • This level's music was removed from Newgrounds after LemKuuja was found sampling it. It still works in-game because it was uploaded to the game's server.
  • Michigun's comment that "Every level requires a triple spike" was not from the real Michigun. Michigun, an impostor, has altered stats to give higher values for all stats except Creator Points.


  • You can transition from a slow speed cube to the ship by entering the mini-ship at 34% half-speed. The speed should change to normal speed once you have completed the process. It is also possible to enter it as a cube. These can be achieved by timing the first two orbs late, skipping the middle orb and hitting the last two orbs to enter the mini-ship portal.
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