Geometry Dash Hue Effect

Geometry Dash Hue Effect

Geometry Dash Hue Effect

Geometry Dash Hue Effect

Geometry Dash Hue Effect

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Geometry Dash Hue Effect

Geometry Dash Hue Effect created by Zoroa GD and more is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars, is a remake of the Butterfly Effect level in a spectacular style.


Hue Effect is a Nine Circles level, some parts of which are similar in design to Divine Circles, Pulsar, and Despacito Circles. However, even considering this, it looks quite interesting, as the wave stages here are different from many familiar demons of this style.

The gameplay almost completely copies the Butterfly Effect, which greatly simplifies its passage if you already have the original behind you. However, problems can arise in the UFO stage, which is between the waves (61-79%), but even that is easy to remember if you practice it a little. 

Among the levels of its complexity, it is not particularly famous since it was released to the network quite recently, but was noticed by the senior moderator of Viprin.


At the beginning, there is a part of the cube in which you need to click on the spheres and avoid the spikes. Next comes a part of the boat at second speed, in which you need to avoid saws and slide on inclined surfaces. After this part comes a short part of the cube, turning into a wave at the third speed. Playing as a wave, you need to avoid collisions with blocks, saws, and spikes, as well as pass through walls in places marked with white neon. At about 60%, the only part that differs from the original level begins. This is the part of the UFO in which you need to click on the spheres in time. After it comes a small wave, turning into an asymmetric bifurcation. Next, a short stage of an ordinary wave at low speed and ...

Level completed!

Interesting Facts

  • The level is dedicated to the players Optawolf GD, Cthulu, Jaylex, Xiprus724, Xstar7, Echonox, Cirtrax, Sillow and Kikaa.
  • The name of the level comes from the name of the original game, "Butterfly Effect," and the word "Hue," which means "a lot of flowers." 
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