Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

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Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect is an Easy Demon level rated 10 stars produced, confirmed, and released by Linco. It is a simple recreation of Nine Circles. It has a teal color scheme. It is one of the simpler Nine Circles levels, with multiple mini-wave parts that use fakes in a variety of locations. It features a few gravity shifts. It challenges the player's fundamental ability to manage their wave and react as quickly as possible to impending obstacles.


Linco began working on the level during The Realistic (late April), although it was not released until mid-summer. It became recognized and graded some months later due to its odd name.


0-12%: The level begins with a fairly tricky cube segment that includes multiple phony lines and trick jump rings to confuse the player.

13-26%: The player then enters a double-speed ship sequence, which is rather simple since the second half of this ship sequence is practically auto.

26-28%: The player then enters a brief auto cube segment where the music beat suddenly drops and picks up pace.

29-100%: The player then enters a triple-speed wave section with several bogus lines and size variations, as well as many sawblades and spikes in an effort to kill the player. The initial part of this wave section is generally normal-sized and under normal gravity. However, the complexity of the wave will steadily grow in the second half. They'll start with size variations and short spam portions with tighter spacing and challenging mini-wave parts. Then there's a lengthy yet simple hallway with broken sawblades and another tiny wave portion. A wave duel with mixed sizes will emerge at the conclusion, and this is the most difficult section of the wave segment. If the player succeeds to pass this, they will have to endure one more little length of a triple-speed wave before hitting a half-speed shift, which will effectively end the level. The level finishes after a brief half-speed easy spam portion, and the creator's name "LINCO" can be seen at the bottom.


  • This is regarded as one of the simplest Nine Circles levels ever. Its difficulty is equivalent to Fractured Circles.
  • Along with The Realistic, this is the only level in which the ship sequence uses "spearhead" gears rather than "Blast Processing" ones.
  • This is the only level, along with Crimson Clutter and Beautiful Eyes, that reverses the sequence of flashing lights (4-3-2-1).
  • This is one of the few levels with a title that is not inspired by the song's title and/or does not include the term "Circles."
  • This is a one-of-a-kind level in which the slopes are decorated with intro-flexed clusters of spikes.
  • This level has a 2.1 remake named Hue Effect, and it is the only Nine Circles level that has been a weekly Demon.
  • The butterfly effect is a phenomena in chaos theory that describes how a little localized change in a complex system may have far-reaching consequences elsewhere.
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