Geometry Dash Magmatic Sanctuary

Geometry Dash Magmatic Sanctuary

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Geometry Dash Magmatic Sanctuary

Geometry Dash Magmatic Sanctuary

Geometry Dash Magmatic Sanctuary is a harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins created by RadiationV2. It is the fifth and final level in the Fire Gauntlet series. The drop's speed portal part has been called out for being extremely tough and unreliable, despite the level's notoriety for its stunning fire effects and engaging boss battle.


  • The first eight percent are a breeze, just a half-speed cube. As long as the gaps aren't too wide, the player can easily leap over them. The initial change ushers in a scene set on a ship, which is full with a variety of revolving items, most notably orange square blocks.
  • From then on out, you'll be traveling through a normal-speed cube segment (17-37%). The player now has access to more jump orbs. When playing, you need to stay away from the orange wheels. The next part of the wave is substantially steeper in difficulty, and the wave size keeps changing between enormous and little.
  • After the wave portion, there are two brief, half-speed sequences featuring a UFO and a ship, respectively. In both the top and bottom corners, the player is blocked from accessing a number of white talents and blocks. These portions came before the regular speed cube and the half-speed ball that came before the actual descent. An alert reading "Caution: Unstable Speed" displays just before it happens.
  • After a descent of between 56 and 88%, the player enters a little wave section whose pace may be altered via the use of mysterious portals. Mini-wave parts like this one, as well as the game's tempo and other variables, are always evolving.
  • After the 89-100% cube and ship scene, there is a brief boss battle against a rock ball (really a Pokémon known as Minior). The rock will fire lasers at the player in an effort to slow them down or cause them to crash. After a successful boss encounter, it will launch itself towards the hero. If the player is able to avoid it, they will be able to go to a brief area of cubes where the level will conclude.

User Coins

On each of the three levels, the player may find a user coin:

  • User Coin 1: The initial user coin takes a different path in the first part of the wave (about 30%). To retrieve the coin, the player must first travel beneath the form.
  • User Coin 2: Somewhere near the middle of the third wave (around 63%) is an unseen entrance in the form of an obstacle. The player has to get through the door in order to get the key. As soon as the player reaches the ball area, the coin is available for collection a few seconds later (about 65% of the time).
  • User Coin 3: At 74%, under a little section of cubes, there is a secret key that may be accessed with a short leap; this key will open a locked chest. While returning to the main path, the player must utilize the blue jump orb to cross over a blue pad and reach the coin at 79% on the second-next cube section.


  • There are 27,045 things in this stage.
  • This was the first level of the Fire Gauntlet at one point, but it has since been relocated to the end due of how challenging it is.
  • There have been complaints about the level's difficulty, namely the frequent pace changes.
  • As far as the Fire Gauntlet is concerned, this level is the only one with a fire theme.
  • Recently, the level received a patch that increased its complexity by removing items and cues from the playing field. The wave no longer has the words "still reversed" on it, and the yellow jump pad used to access the monster has been replaced with a triple spike.
  • Minior, the last boss, is a Pokémon.
  • The level's designer has asked for 10 stars.

Geometry Dash Fire Gauntlet [All Levels]

On February 5, 2017, Update 2.1 introduced the Fire Gauntlet. 

Each level of the Fire Gauntlet unlocks a new set:

  • 1,025 mana orbs
  • 38 diamonds
  • 28 stars
  • 15 user coins

Completion of the gauntlet rewards:

  • 3 fire shards or 300 mana orbs 2
  • 10 diamonds
  • 1 colour

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