Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas
Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas

Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas

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Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge in Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas. This Extreme Demon level, rated a demanding 10 stars, is a remarkable collaboration hosted by KugelBlitZ and verified and published by Stormfly. It serves as a nerfed rebirth of the infamous Silent Clubstep level, incorporating 2.1 decoration and effects. Although initially unrated, it received its official rating on November 10, 2018, and is currently listed on the Legacy List of the Geometry Dash Demonlist. The level is scheduled for a buffdate, promising an even more intense experience.

Gameplay Overview

0-23% (Shocksidian): The level begins with a tricky cube section, challenging you to navigate multiple triple spikes with precise jumps.

24-42% (Blaireswip): Next, you'll encounter a triple-speed straight-fly ship sequence with incredibly tight spaces to maneuver through. Afterwards, you're taken beneath the level and face a tricky ball segment, featuring orb masking and demanding well-timed inputs to survive. This is followed by a short mini cube section.

43-52% (Metalface221): Transitioning from the previous segment, you'll find yourself in a challenging UFO section, filled with tough timings and mirror portals scattered throughout.

53-60% (Aquatias + KaotikJumper): Prepare for a ball segment followed by a cube section where hitting jump orbs is crucial. Then, you'll venture into an upside-down mini ship sequence, adding an extra layer of complexity.

61-77% (Zhander): Experience a fast-paced mixed dual section, combining cube and ball gameplay. Following that, you'll encounter a mini-ball section with numerous mirror portals and speed changes. Finally, a mini cube section with quadruple-spike jumps leads into a mini-ship section.

78-100% (Noice): The level concludes with a memory-based cube section, testing your ability to jump and navigate downwards. The end of the level is marked by several dedications.

Level Facts

  • The level's password is 180511.
  • It consists of an impressive 105,804 objects.
  • Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas has a duration of 1 minute and 29 seconds.
  • Initially, it was ranked #45 on the Demonlist, positioned above VendetTa (#44) and below The Hell Origin (#46).
  • Stormfly, the verifier, received criticism for verifying the level on 60Hz.
  • The Latin translation of the level description reads, "On stage, I applaud the fleshy mass of rotten creatures that will bring that album down."
  • "Silentium Gradas" translates to "Silence Steps" in Latin, suggesting that the name is a Latin adaptation of "Silent Clubstep."
  • Luqualizer managed to fluke the level from 35%.
  • Geometry Dash Silentium Gradas was moved to the Legacy List of the Demonlist when Untitled was added on May 3, 2021.
  • Hyperbola verified IcEDCave's buffed version of the level on May 22, 2022, which was intended to replace Stormfly's version but did not occur.

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