Geometry Dash Sine Wavs
Geometry Dash Sine Wavs

Geometry Dash Sine Wavs

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Geometry Dash Sine Wavs

Geometry Dash Sine Wavs is an intense and challenging level created by TheRealDorami. It is an Insane Demon level that requires a high level of skill and precision to complete. The level has a rating of 10 stars and 3 user coins, which means that players will need to collect these coins to complete the level fully. The level is a remake of Nine Circles, which is one of the most popular levels in the game. However, Sine Wavs utilizes a green color scheme, which gives the level a unique look and feel.


Sine Wavs starts with a moderately difficult cube segment that features fake lines, clusters of spikes, and traps. The ship sequence that follows is also quite challenging, with awkward flying and gravity portals that make it challenging to navigate.

After the ship sequence, players enter an easy cube segment that leads to a triple-speed wave segment. This wave segment is the highlight of the level and is where most players will struggle. The segment features numerous fake lines, fake sawblades, traps, and impasses, making it difficult to navigate. The wave segment also includes many gravity and speed portals that players will need to use to progress.

The dual part in the middle of the wave segment is relatively easier but still contains several traps that players need to avoid. After the wave segment, players get a short break with a simple half-speed cube segment that consists of a few tricky jumps. The level then concludes with an anti-gravity mini wave segment that leads to the creator's name and the written "GG."


  • Sine Wavs is one minute and three seconds long and features 14,339 objects.
  • Despite its Insane Demon rating, many players consider Sine Wavs to be more of a Medium/Hard Demon level due to the difficulty of the wave segment.
  • Riot has named Sine Wavs as their favorite Nine Circles level, which is a testament to its quality and difficulty.
  • The level was initially rated as an Insane 8*, but its rating was later increased to an Insane Demon level, similar to Fake A Doom.
  • Sine Wavs is one of the few levels that Dorami has solo-rated, making it an impressive achievement for the creator.