Geometry Dash Space Circles

Geometry Dash Space Circles

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Geometry Dash Space Circles

Geometry Dash Space Circles

Geometry Dash Space Circles is an Easy Demon level rated 3 user coins and 10 stars created by Suomi. It is a Nine Circles level, as the name implies. The level is decorated in a brown/orange color pattern with sky blue accents. This level was constructed during Update 1.9, however it was subsequently updated to 2.0, converting the traditional 1.8 slopes to the 2.0 slopes used in Nine Circles XII. This level is categorized as a very Easy Demon.


The level begins with a cube part with some fakes and troll rings, followed by a rather unpleasant ship with gravity portals that requires straight flight. Then a spherical section with troll rings comes, although it is rather simple. The music then swells up and the wave begins. This route is rather simple since, like Problematic, it has vast areas, simple timings, and few mashing portions. Suomi eliminated all of the spikes with the 2.0 version, making the level more relaxing. The wave is split into two halves by a short ball with a single hop. The level concludes with a short half-speed ship scene with Suomi's name and an offer to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

User Coins

  • At 2%, you will find the first coin. You will need to jump on a platform in order to collect the first coin.
  • The 22% mark is where you will find the second coin. You will need to hit the blue jump orb in order to collect it.
  • At 41% is the third and final coin. You will need to cross a saw towards it in order to collect it.


  • Password for this level: 832016
  • This level has 9,920 objects.
  • Some people did not like the 2.0 update to this level's video. This triggered a discussion. Suomi had to remove the dislikes and likes from his video.
  • Suomi is also the creator of three other remakes. Ultimate Circles and Silent Circles were L1 and Jawbreaker were L1.
  • This is the first remake to use a techno song instead of a dubstep one.
  • This Nine Circles style, which uses 2.0 blocks instead of 1.4 blocks, is often recognized by Suomi. However it is also used in the Nine Circles XII series.


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