Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometry Dash Trump Circles

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Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometry Dash Trump Circles is a mega-collaboration by Rlol, Axxorz, Moufi, Gibbon, Darwin, and Titi on Easy Demon. It is, as the name says, a recreation of Nine Circles. It was a joke level built during the campaign of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and it mocks the notion of a border wall between the United States and Mexico. It is regarded as one of the simplest Nine Circles Demons.


  • 0-12% (Rlol): The level begins with a normal speed section, which closely resembles the Nine Circles. The level has the lyrics of the song in front of it. The cube is easy and the fake obstacles are not too difficult. However, it requires very little tapping.
  • 13-25% (Axxorz): The player will then enter a moderately challenging ship sequence. This involves many jump orbs, gravity changes, and requires basic straight flying skills and timing. This is the most difficult part of the level.
  • 26-38% (Moofi): The player then enters a ball section that has lots of fake jumps orbs and blocks and must remember where they are going.
  • 39-50%: After the ball, there is a simple section of normal speed cube. The cube is essentially free, although there is timing.
  • 51-81% (Darwin): Next, the player is taken up to the first section of the Nine Circles triple speedwave segment. It's very attractive. It has a custom background for the power button and the Nine Circles blocks are well-matched in color. This part is easier than the normal Nine Circles level because there aren't many fakes. The next Nine Circles segment looks more like the first.
  • 82-100% (Titi): The last 20% is covered by a cube section. This is why this level is considered so simple. It requires almost no effort. The basic blocks used to decorate this part are also poorly decorated. The level ends when the player enters an autoship sequence featuring pixel art Trump.

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