Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

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Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory

Welcome to Geometry Dash World: Toxic Factory. This brand-new game is the second world of Geometry Dash World, and five short to medium-length stages are included, and they must be completed in order. The levels that appear in this game are, in turn:

  • Space Pirates
  • Striker
  • Embers
  • Round 1
  • Monster Dance Off

A player can receive the following rewards: 500 mana orbs, 15 stars, 4 colors, and 1 cube. Dashlands is the level that comes after Toxic Factory.

Space Pirates

Toxic Factory's first level and Geometry Dash World's sixth level are known as "Space Pirates." One segment introduces the UFO shape. Space Pirates involves no leaps and is finished in 37 seconds. In addition to Striker, it is the longest main level.


Toxic Factory's second level, and Geometry Dash World's seventh level, is Striker Striker. One cube sequence is used to introduce the mirror portal at percentage points of 18%, 50%, 66%, and 83%. A minimum of 43 leaps are needed for Striker's 37-second completion. It has the longest main level between Space Pirates and it.


The third level of Toxic Factory and the eighth level of Geometry Dash World are Embers. In one sequence, the ball shape is introduced. Embers takes 29 seconds to complete and calls for a minimum of 33 leaps.

Round 1

It is the ninth level in Geometry Dash World and the fourth level in Toxic Factory. Specifically, it's one ship sequence from 25% to 50%, and two cube sequences that introduce the cyan gravity pad and ring. It needs at least 24 leaps and 32 seconds to finish Round 1.

Monster Dance Off

Geometry Dash World's level ten is Monster Dance Off, which is also the fifth stage of Toxic Factory. At 67%, it introduces the wave shape with slope components in a single cube sequence. The Monster Dance Off has a time limit of 36 seconds and requires at least 25 leaps to finish. If the cube is able to clear the last jump pad before the wave portal, it will continue on its way and finally fall below the main path to the earth, leaving just a single spike before the conclusion of the level.

How to play

  • Click, Spacebar, w or up arrow to jump.
  • Avoid the spikes and attempt to get to the end of the level!

Thanks to CrystalKeeper7 from Scratch for this project!