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Helicopter Escape

Helicopter Escape

Helicopter Escape
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In Helicopter Escape, you are tasked with saving the life of a defenseless citizen. Before recently, the inhabitants of our planet had no means of knowing if extraterrestrials were allies or opponents of our species. It has now been established that they are every bit as horrible as a zombie. Can you provide a helping hand to this unfortunate captive and save her right now?

A woman is being held captive in a building by a bunch of terrifying extraterrestrials who have taken her hostage. As soon as she understands that you are her only hope of saving her life, she sprints as fast as she can to the rescue helicopter. You, on the other hand, are there to aid her in fleeing from these heinous animals. It is your responsibility as an expert sniper to remove the swarms of extraterrestrials that are pursuing this sad woman. Because she can make it to the aircraft before any of these creatures get their hands on her, she will be safe and sound. As a result, prepare your weapons and begin firing at the aliens that are hidden behind this lady. In order to progress through the stages, you'll be rewarded with money, which you can spend to acquire new and more powerful weapons.

How to play

  • Jump into your helicopter, take a rifle and totally annihilate those criminals!


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