Real Football Challenge
Real Football Challenge

Real Football Challenge

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Real Football Challenge

Real Football Challenge requires you to learn how to kick the ball using your own feet. You need to dominate the field and score many goals, regardless of whether you are playing alone or with a team. Now is the time to make an impact on the crowd and take the field.

If you want to win, you'll need your inner football kicker. It is easy to manage the trajectory and force of your kicks by simply keeping an eye on where you are as a player and dragging your cursor. You might face off against other players, or you could work with your teammates to win. Either pass the ball to your team members or aim straight at the goal. Over the course of 16 stages, you'll need to adjust your position and aim carefully. Get ready to beat the game!


  • 2D color graphics
  • 16 levels
  • Intuitive control
  • Each level has a unique match atmosphere

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