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Get ready for xx142-b2exe! Use your skills as an AI virus to infiltrate the alien network, disable their power generators, and neutralize their weapon systems.

Game Context

In the futuristic year of 2413, humanity has been enslaved by an alien race for over two centuries. But there's hope! You take on the role of an AI weaponized virus designed to infiltrate the alien network and disable their power generators and weapon systems. Beware, though, as the alien antivirus is on high alert. It will try to detect and delete you within a mere 13 seconds.

Remember this: when a file is deleted, it's not truly gone. You can use the execution backtrace from your previous attempts to break into the system and destroy the main memory core.

Good luck in your mission to free humanity!

Game Controls

  • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move your virus.
  • Press the Backspace key to execute a backtrace.

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