Fish Soccer

Fish Soccer

Fish Soccer

Fish Soccer

Fish Soccer

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Fish Soccer

Fish Soccer is a water soccer game where you can play exciting matches with your friends, score more goals, or show off your underwater soccer skills.

Football is a ground game, but in our case, there will be an exception. Fish will become football players through the Fish Soccer game, and since fish don't walk on water, you should not miss this chance to battle it out. Also, don't forget to bring your buddy to the water field. A gate, two large fish (red and blue), and a few game bots will be available. If you laugh, they will capitalize on your position and score several goals for them. You can try to intercept the ball so that you can hit the opponent's goal. The number of the player is written above the heads and bodies of the fish.

Your fish can be either blue or orange in color. Which would you choose for your pet? The object is to place the ball into the goal of your opponent in the water. You can paint your castle the color of your favorite fish. The keyboard keys will allow you to try to score more goals. This is a wonderful game! Do you believe in your abilities? Are you a great football player? You can show your friend by coming over. Two-player mode can make it twice as fun! In the two-player mode, the winner is the player who scores the most goals in the 90-second period.

Fish Soccer is now available! Never before has an online soccer game been like this.

How to play

Player One

  • PRESS W, A, S, D to move your fish.
  • PRESS T to feed your opponents.

Player Two

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to move your fish.
  • PRESS P to feed your opponents.

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