Geometry Dash Firework

Geometry Dash Firework

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Geometry Dash Firework

Geometry Dash Firework

Geometry Dash Firework is an Extreme Demon mega-collaboration Level rated 10 stars sponsored by Vernam, produced by the Cherry Team, and validated and released by Trick on October 29, 2021, after 234,000 tries. It was rated on the same day as Slaughterhouse and arcturus were also rated. The level's color design is monochromatic, which many find amusing given that fireworks are often considered as vibrant and colorful.


On April 7, 2019, Vernam, the leader of Cherry Team at the moment, published a video on YouTube titled "Firework is practically impossible in present state (Bad noclip and Broken sync)". Vernam claimed that the level will be decorated by members of the Cherry Team as the team's newest initiative. The decorators went to work right away, and two months after the plan was released, a few pieces were completed: Lilium's first part, Konsi's part, Grayrain's part, and Desumari's two parts. Dolphy, the level's verifier at the time, chose to release the first Firework preview on his channel, which included all of the previously described parts.

The verification process started after Firework was completed. Dolphy started verification slowly since he needed to focus on his other verification project, Zynvire's Silent Circles. Recognizing this, Vernam entrusted Firework to Crazen, who, like Dolphy, made very little progress on the level. Vernam decided to hack-verify the level and publish it to the servers as a free verification after realizing that a regular verification without any nerfs would be incredibly tough to figure out.


  • The level is 2m 7s long.
  • On October 29, 2021, the level was graded.
  • In addition to Firework, two more likely Top 1 levels, Arcturus and Slaughterhouse, were rated at the same time.
  • However, Slaughterhouse and this level were both given an Easy Demon rating before becoming Extreme Demon, most likely as a community joke.
  • After an hour, all three levels had their ratings switched, with Arcturus being classed as Easy Demon and the other two, including Firework, being appropriately rated Extreme Demon.
  • On November 4, 2021, the level was inadvertently put at #2 on the Geometry Dash Demonlist, above Sonic Wave Infinity (#3) and below Tartarus (#1).
  • This Demonlist entry pushed Celestial Force into the Extended List and SubSonic onto the Legacy List.
  • Later that day, Firework was promoted beyond Tartarus, claiming the top rank and becoming the game's most difficult level.
  • This also ended Tartarus's almost two-year rule as Demonlist leader, with the exception of The Golden's three-month reign from June to September 2020.
  • During this time, Pointercrate had considerable traffic when one of the list editors attempted to add Slaughterhouse to the Demonlist. They inadvertently inserted the level numerous times, resulting in many duplicates of the level positioned from #1 to #9.
  • Firework's impending sequel, "Waterfall," is expected to be simpler than Firework.
  • Fireworks is the game's 34th past number one.
  • It is also the Top 1 with the shortest reign at the top, having held the top position for just 18 seconds before being surpassed by Slaughterhouse.

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