Geometry Dash Fractured Circles

Geometry Dash Fractured Circles

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Geometry Dash Fractured Circles

Geometry Dash Fractured Circles

Geometry Dash Fractured Circles  is a Medium Demon level rated 10 stars created by Artimiel. It is, as the name indicates, a replica of Nine Circles with a strawberry-pink color scheme. This level has a colorful opening with a lot of decorations and a wave with a color scheme similar to Figures, but more brighter and closer to pink than Figures' magenta scheme. It has a lot of trick orbs, phony lines, gravity portals, and demands strong mashing abilities, although it is considerably easier than Nine Circles. It was made in early summer of 2015. The level is classified as an Easy-Medium Demon and is considered one of the simpler Nine Circles levels.


  • 0-9%: This level starts with a simple cube section that contains a few tricks, as well as fake lines and jump orbs in gravity portals. It is still quite easy, despite this.
  • 10-15%: The next segment is a double speed ball segment. It can be followed up quickly but can still be considered easier than the cube section due to its fewer tricks.
  • 16-25%: After that, the player will enter a triple speed cube section. This section is very difficult due to the high speed and abundance of troll jumps orbs as music builds up. The cube goes into auto mode at 22%. It then switches to mini and half speed, where the player must leap over two pairs spikes. The cube will sound a background music or voice and say "Second Drop, Right Now".
  • 26-77%: The beat will immediately drop and the player will enter the Nine Circles-designed triple-speed wave segment. It starts out quite tricky with several speed changes, mashing and tight spaces. At 43% the wave becomes mini and anti-gravity via an annoying passage. Then there are more fake lines and gravity portals and speed changes. The player will then encounter a mashing segment at half speed. This is followed by a triple speed changer, then a single speed or dual portal. Both of these have very tight spaces. At 74% the wave enters triple speed for the remainder of the wave. There are tight spaces and size variations all the way.
  • 78-89%: At the end, the player switches to a short half speed ship sequence. They quickly reach triple-speed at 79%. Then they have to pass through one final set of spikes. Next, they will enter an epileptic triplespeed cube section of 83%. In which they must hit a series jump orbs before heading to a halfspeed portal.
  • 90-100%: The player then enters the final section of the half-speed cube. The player can immediately see the word "NICE!" The player will then be presented with a pair pink-colored spikes under the bat. The player must then jump on four pairs of spikes that are identical to it (five total). You will see the text "ARTIMIEL", “CHECK OUT MYOTHER LEVELS”, and "GG". The level is finished.



  • The initial version of the level had a Problematic-style ship scene at the conclusion with lettering reading "NICE!!!"
  • Artimiel's sole highlighted levels are this and Prophetic Dream, however the latter is auto.
  • Although it is labeled as Long, its real duration is Medium (55 seconds), making it quite comparable to Figures, Paracosm Circles, and Poltergeist.

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