Geometry Dash Paracosm Circles

Geometry Dash Paracosm Circles

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Geometry Dash Paracosm Circles

Geometry Dash Paracosm Circles

Geometry Dash Paracosm Circles created by N1XO is a medium demon level rated 10 stars. This game is a replica of Nine Circles with a violet-lilac color scheme, as its name indicates. Furthermore, this is one of the most significant Nine Circles Levels owing to several well-known remakes, such as Ultra Paracosm, Paracosm XII, and, more recently, Hyper Paracosm. Due to intense mashing and some timing, this level, despite classed as a Medium Demon, is regarded an easy yet Hard Demon. Since July 2018, it has been classified as a Medium Demon.


N1XO built this level as a competitor of Cataclysm after Sonic Wave was posted as a rival of Bloodbath, featuring a plethora of confined areas, saw-blades, spikes, and odd timing. Until the hidden path was revealed, this level was on par with Crimson Clutter and even difficult than Cataclysm. In response, N1XO was obliged to abandon the Extreme Demon project, nerfing the whole wave section significantly to reduce its difficulty to Fear Me level in order to be verified by him.


The level begins with an irritating cube portion filled with spikes, gravity and jump rings, and jump rings with gravity portals. The player then begins a half-speed yet tough ship segment with several gravity gateways and countless gears. The music rhythm decreases after a short slow-speed cube portion, and the player enters a triple-speed wave part. It has many phony lines, gravity and size portals, yet some portions are fairly simple.

Later in the level, though, the player must have good mashing skills. There are also two brief ship scenarios in this region. Following that, the player encounters a challenging double speed dual wave section with mashing portions, followed by a somewhat easier single wave segment with just saw-blades. The pace slows towards the finish, and the level gets simpler from there. The level then concludes.


  • This is one of the few Medium-length Demon levels.
  • This is the first Nine Circles remake in which an Xtrullor song replaces a Rukkus song.
  • Previously, the level had a difficult hidden path with black covers and phony pathways. When several users found this secret passage, it was fixed.
  • The hidden path remains in the level, but it is now inaccessible.
  • The level used to be tougher than Cataclysm before it was rated, however it was later nerfed.
  • There is a remade version named "Paracosm Hell."

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