Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room

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Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room

Geometry Dash Laser Room, created by TrueNature, is an exciting level that provides a moderate level of challenge to players. Despite being labeled as a Demon level, it has been rated as a very Easy Demon level with a difficulty rating of 10 stars.


Laser Room starts with a double-speed cube section with simple jumps that require memorization. Later, the player transforms into mini form with quick jumps and memory-based gameplay. The level also includes a dual cube, which isn't fully symmetrical and requires good reaction time. The majority of the level is at double speed, with a few other changes to ship and UFO mode.

One unique aspect of Laser Room is that it contains some memorization parts, but they are relatively simple compared to the level's other challenges, which primarily come from the duals. The majority of the level focuses on cube and ship skills, with curvy flying and gravity portals adding to the excitement.

The game ends with a final challenge where the creator's signature appears, and the player must stay in the air to avoid crashing into either the signature or the spikes found on the ceiling.


  • With a total of 11,104 objects, Laser Room is one of the most downloaded online Demon levels in Geometry Dash.
  • Laser Room is notable for being the final level in the entirety of the Map Packs, adding to its significance in the series.
  • Laser Room was inspired by Steam Chamber, a popular level created by Darnoc. Players can see similarities in the block designs of both levels, making it an interesting homage to one of the game's most popular levels.

Overall, Geometry Dash Laser Room is an exciting and challenging game that offers a unique gameplay experience to fans of the series. With its focus on cube and ship skills, challenging duals, and memorable obstacles, it is sure to provide hours of entertainment for anyone looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience.

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