Geometry Dash Problematic

Geometry Dash Problematic

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Geometry Dash Problematic

Geometry Dash Problematic

Geometry Dash Problematic is a solo Easy Demon level rated 10 stars ans 3 user coins created by Dhafin. Although it is a simple Nine Circles level, the gameplay makes extensive use of size, speed, and gravity variations.


  • 0-12%: This level begins with a moderately difficult cube section that consists of many spikes which can be easily jumped over.
  • 12-24%: The next step is to enter a ship sequence. It's easier than the cube section because it doesn't have nearly as many threats. It is slower than the cube and set at half speed, so players need to be careful. Because the last few seconds of auto are the most difficult, the next cube area will be far easier than that of the first.
  • 24-85%: The beat drops and the Nine Circles segment is introduced. You must avoid the many saw-blades and walls. This level is easier than the others because the waves are not at triple speed and the spacing is larger. The penultimate sequence, a ship sequence that lasts approximately three seconds and ends with the word "NICE!" The background flashes.
  • 85-100%: Next, the player will enter one last cube section. This can be done quickly and without distractions, as there are few obstacles. The level ends with Dhafin’s name.

User coins

Three user coins are required to access the level.

  • At 11%, the first coin can be found in the first cube section. It is obtained by hitting the yellow jump orb with the X decoration to its left at 8%. The key will be released and the player can grab it. This will bring down the first coin as well as the spike that was previously placed over it.
  • The wave segment is where the second coin is easily obtained. To collect the coin, the player must fit between a saw blade at double speed.
  • The final coin is located at the end Dhafin’s name. Instead of falling onto the jumppad, you can jump over it to make the third coin appear to collect.


  • Although the level is only 54 seconds long, it can be seen as long as 1 minute in editor. This is due to an unchecked triple speed portal and an additional half-speed portal that was put out of bounds.
  • This is one of the most easy Nine Circles Demons.
  • The color scheme for the level is likely to be inspired by Dhafin’s icon of choice, green.
  • This is the Nine Circles' most popular remake.
  • Only the middle wave segment contains fake blocks that are used as obstacles.
  • There is also a harder Nine Circles level called Catastrophic, which seems to have been inspired by Problematic.
  • Many people claim that the cube section in the first cube is more frustrating than the wave segment.
  • These bronze user coins were available for a long period of time, before RobTop verified them.
  • This level was hacked in mid-July 2016. It became a Demon for free. You could bypass the first blue orb to gain a secret key.
    • To make it even more interesting, Problematic was made an Extreme Demon on the same day. After a brief period, he became an Easy Demon.