Geometry Dash Sharp Minor

Geometry Dash Sharp Minor

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Geometry Dash Sharp Minor

Geometry Dash Sharp Minor

Geometry Dash Sharp Minor is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars collaboration created by Giron and ASonicMen and verified and published by Giron. It is a tough recreation of Nine Circles because of the confined places and some tricky timings. The initial mini-wave portion is also regarded rather frustrating since it requires prolonged mashing, has weird timings, and saw-blades that make it quite difficult to fit into the slots appropriately. It's also quite similar to Flat Major, a future level.


The level begins with a somewhat challenging cube with several hard leaps and perhaps problematic sections. Following the cube section, the player will morph into a somewhat tough UFO with multiple size- and gravity changes, confined areas, and exact timings. This UFO is followed by a small ball that is marginally easier than the previous UFO but has some irritating labyrinth areas. Following the ball, the player will transition into a triple-speed cube portion with several bogus lines that may easily confuse the player, with orbs in gravity portals appearing after practically every leap. After the triple speed part, the cube becomes quite easy and virtually automatic.

Following the cube, the player enters the notorious Nine Circles wave, and the rhythm begins to decrease. There are several tight areas, mash parts, and tricky timings that alternate between standard and tiny waves. Because of its strange gameplay and odd usage of blocks to attempt to make the player fail, this is one of the most distinctive Nine Circles waves. The word "GO! GO! GO!" may be seen flashing at the conclusion of the wave, encouraging the player on to victory. The final ball is not as difficult and difficult as the first one, and is considerably more straightforward, but it is difficult enough to force some players to fail at the very end, resulting in an irritating fail in the 90% range. The last segment is half auto and includes a cube portion with a couple additional simple jumps. Finally, the level concludes with the names Giron and ASonic, followed by the phrase "GJ."


  • This level has 17,428 objects.
  • The height is 1m 8s.
  • Sharp Minor is the only Nine Circles Demon that ends with "GJ", instead of "GG", like other Nine Circles levels.
  • This level inspired another, The Realistic.
  • This collaboration is one of only two Nine Circles collaborations. The other is Circulatum.
  • This level, unlike the majority of Nine Circles levels does not have a dual portal like Sweet Dreams.
  • This level was the first to use fake gears and invisible saws in the wave.
  • This level is the only Nine Circles level that features a Cataclysm ball segment.
  • Sharp Miner is a joke remake of this joke. It features a light-blue color scheme, and all blocks are squares. This is a reference to Minecraft.


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