Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

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Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams is a Hard Demon level rated 10 stars created by ItzAspi (previously TrueAspiral). It's a challenging Nine Circles level. This level, as the name implies, utilizes the music "Sweet Dreams" by Rukkus, which is also utilized in Crimson Clutter, however instead of the drop, this level uses the buildup preceding the drop. This was one of the final Nine Circles levels built before Update 2.0. The color palette is very identical to Fairydust, but it has extra ornaments such as chain balls and musical notes.


The level begins with a reasonably challenging cube portion full with trickery like unseen spikes and troll rings. This is followed by a challenging ship scenario including confined places and gravity gateways. The plummet begins after a short labyrinth cube segment, and the wave is introduced.

This one is challenging owing to a lot of weird timing, a tremendous quantity of portals and saw blades, and a lot of mashing throughout the little bits (closely to Figures). Later, another cube portion is added, although it is relatively simple and brief, and it lends itself to another challenging ship sequence, similar to the first. The wave returns with slamming portions when the song reaches the place where it begins in Crimson Clutter. This level's last section is rather brief.


  • This level has 9,977 items.
  • This level was initially easier, but the creator made it more difficult by adding large numbers of sawblades to the wave segment.
  • This level and Sharp Minor do not have a dual portal.


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