Geometry Dash The Yandere
Geometry Dash The Yandere

Geometry Dash The Yandere

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Geometry Dash The Yandere

Geometry Dash The Yandere by CastriX, xCast, C4ST, Partition, DavJT, Danzmen, Alderite, TheRealDorami, MrLorenzo, JonathanGD, Elisione, JGhost, Roimousti, Master X, Bransilver, Mulpan, Cirtrax, Mazl, FarDreamer, Spectex, Yunhaseu, OSIRIS GD, and Alkali is an epic Extreme Demon mega-collaboration level rated 10 stars. It features extremely difficult gameplay as well as detailed decoration. This game also has the toughest micro click in any rated level of Geometry Dash, including a dash orb at 50%.


0-4% (CastriX)

The Yandere begins with a drumroll of the song with the screen flashing white and gray until it reaches 1%. The game begins with a pink jump pad as a slow speed tiny cube with five reasonably simple timings before moving to a normal-sized cube with three different types of challenging orb timings. The player must then rapidly leap and strike two blue orbs before holding down another blue orb. If the player keeps down the blue orb, they will leap early into a red orb that must be struck later. The part concludes with an early leap over a spike (the spike isn't there in the LDM) into a dash orb that finishes with a S block into Partition's part.

5-7% (Partition)

Partition's part begins with a fairly tight ball section that leads into a short straight flying section into a relatively easy spider. The part concludes with a slightly more difficult straight flying section that leads into DavJT's part.
8-9% (DavJT): DavJT's part starts with a slow cube section that can be a little tight, then moves into a fairly tight ball section before ending with a fairly simple ship section. The section concludes with a difficultly timed mini cube leap, although it is easily timed since it syncs precisely with the music.

10-14% (DanZmeN)

This is likely the easiest portion of the level. It starts with a little cube and two simple leaps, then a yellow orb that you have to strike late before hitting two blue orbs and leaping early (but not too early) onto a ship. The ship is rather short and goes into a simple spider portion. DanZmeN's portion concludes with a brief UFO.

15-18% (Alderite)

Alderite's segment begins with a rather challenging cube leap at 4x speed and a ship passage that may be problematic. There's a slightly tight ball part, two little robot leaps, and a crimson orb at the conclusion of the robot. Following that comes a UFO portion with two simple timings and four quick clicks in gravity portals. Then there's a cube where you leap after escaping the UFO and strike a blue orb late before diving into a spacecraft. This ship is quite short, and you must strike an orb in a portal at the end to go to Dorami's segment.

19-23% (Dorami)

Dorami's portion starts with a fast-paced 4x speed spider, then two rapid orbs as a cube, then a 2 click twin ship straight flying segment. You then click along to the music for three clicks in a dual cube. You then hold a dash orb to get to a tight blue orb timed as a ball. Next, make sure you don't invert gravity as a ball before entering the UFO and clicking twice. Before completing Dorami's segment and beginning MrLorenzo's, there are a couple tight green orbs and a dash orb.

24-29% (MrLorenzo)

This portion starts with a blue orb in a yellow gravity portal, which you can hold down after timed until you reach a blue orb and a green orb pretty rapidly together. There is a black orb spam in which it is simple to click four times along to the tune. Before entering a UFO, there's a ball part with a few orb timings and a straight flying segment. The UFO begins with a few tight timings until you reach the gravity portals, where you don't click at all until the black orb appears. You may hold after striking the black ball to strike a blue orb and reach JonathanGD's portion.

30-35% (JonathanGD)

This section begins with the song's drop. It starts with a sluggish cube with a rapid black orb timed into 4x speed and a leap into another orb and a ball at regular speed. You then time one click up and two extremely quick clicks to strike a black orb in the ball at 4x speed. There's a one-two click straight flight into a two-click UFO and some timed ship orbs that coincide with the music. A tight yellow orb timing in a cube goes into a tight spider portion and another quick straight flying segment. Then there's a wave section with three normal-sized wave clicks and a mini-wave where you have to hold a blue orb after hitting two gravity portals at 4x speed. This section concludes by holding the final dash orb as a small cube.

36-40% (Elisione)

This section is rather simple. It begins with a green orb, followed by a pink orb that must be struck, then a UFO that syncs with the tune. There are two dash orb timings in the cube after it that can be tricky. Because there's a pink dash orb with black orbs on each side heading into a ship, this timing may throw some players off. There's a very straightforward ship segment before holding a dash orb into a wave that concludes with another dash orb before Jghost's part.

41-46% (Jghost)

This section starts with a really tight 3x speed mini-wave and a tight huge wave into a ship. Following this is a UFO with some relatively easy jumps that are easily sight readable and a ball with a black orb before a ship with a dash orb leading into RoiMousti's part. This section features a carefully veiled alteration to the boss battle. If you press the custom orb, which may be tricky to time, the animal skeleton will be wearing sunglasses instead of having black eyes with pink pupils.

47-51% (RoiMousti)

RoiMousti's section starts with four tight cube timings and a ball that you can leap before reaching the portal to make it significantly easier. There is a single spider click followed by two min-wave clicks. Following that comes a small robot and two incredibly tight dash orb timings as a normal-sized cube. The initial dash orb is a 1 frame micro click. There is a rather challenging ship ahead of Master X's segment.

52-57% (Master X)

This section is mostly centered on Yandere Simulator. It begins with a one or two-click straight flight and progresses to a two-click spider and three UFO timings. Then there's a ship part followed by a mini-wave spam. Following that is a dual that may be challenging but typically syncs with the music. Before BranSilver's segment, there is a controlled spam UFO section and a little wave spam. When you die in this section, the yandere from Yandere Simulator appears on the right side of the screen, along with the phrase "Senpai is solely mine. MINE! "appear as well You may also perish in this section if you stop spamming after Master X's logo appears.

58-62% (BranSilver)

BranSilver's portion begins with a tight, nearly blind cube leap into four extremely rapid ball timings. The next ship is a 2x Ship, which is rather straightforward to pass. Following that comes a cube with a few extremely quick leaps and a dash orb that you must keep down for the whole level. A leap with a blue orb that you don't touch goes into a wave section before a black orb tosses you into a ramp that depicts one half of a female being tranquil and the other being shrouded in blood and rage before it leads into Mulpan's segment.

63-68% (Mulpan)

Mulpan's role begins with a few orbs on a ship that might be tough to understand at first. Following that comes a UFO with just orb gameplay. The next ball is a very tight ball with extremely tight orb timings that may be somewhat erratic at times. The player must touch extremely gently and early on all four of the robot's dash orbs and green orbs. Finally, there is a tight spider portion that finishes with a green orb inside Cirtrax's area.

69-74% (Cirtrax)

Cirtrax's portion starts with a straight flying section with a green orb, then a wave that you can keep in since the top of the section includes D blocks. This results in a rather tight black orb timing in a ball where you must click quite rapidly to pass it. Following this comes a single pink orb in a UFO, followed by numerous very tight cube orbs and leaps. Before Mazl's portion, this tightens into an extremely tight spider.

75-79% (Mazl)

Mazl's section begins with three timed black orbs, however you can generally skip the third and merely hang on to the second. Then you press a red orb to enter a rather tight ship portion. Following the spacecraft is a rather simple ball with two green orbs. Then there's a relatively tight robot with a green and black orb and one more leap before a cube with two red orb timings and a ship before the following portion.

80-85% (Spectex + FarDreamer + TehTactiq)

The hardest part of the level, Spectex, FarDreamer, and TehTactiq's part begins with three very tight blue orbs and an extremely tight UFO jump. Following that, you are placed in a duel in which you must carefully timing three taps until you reach a ship in which you must tap twice. There is a very brief and tight ship segment before an incredibly tight and tough wave towards the conclusion of the section. The wave syncs beautifully but is really challenging. The portion closes with two dash orbs that lead onto YunHaSeu14's segment.

86-90% (YunHaSeu14)

YunHaSeu14's section begins in a UFO and then changes to a 4x Speed Ship where you must hold to fly down where you change to a little ball. Before alkali and OSIRIS' phase, there is a small mini ball section with few orbs and timings.

91-100% (alkali + OSIRIS)

This stage has some pretty challenging orb timings and several dash orbs. Some portions can be kept down, while others have very tight timing. Following the cube timings comes a ship segment with a few orb timings and a straight flying section leading to a tight leap into a yellow orb.


The Yandere is one of Epic Extreme Demon without a song on Newgrounds, along with Violently X, Ragnarok, Bang Gang, Tapwreck, HURRICANE, TANTRUM, Surge of the Shield, Tenth Circle, Cold Sweat, Halberd, Nhelv, and doradura.