Make It Meme

Make It Meme

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Make It Meme

Make It Meme

Make It Meme is a hilarious online meme-making game with friends or random opponents. All you have to do is join or create a lobby and wait for others to join.After the game starts, each participant gets a meme and a time limit to create a humorous caption. The next step is to have each participant rate these memes out of 5 in approximately 15 seconds. The final results will determine who has the most points for their meme.You have three options for playing the game. You can choose your favorite presentation option and let your sense of humor shine through. It's important that you save your favorite memes and then forward them on to your friends.

How to play

The left mouse button can be used to select a text box, or you can tap with your finger. To vote, click on the red buttons "Up," "Down," "Meh," or the blue button "Down."

Clicking the button "Meme Buddy" will make you a buddy of your favorite meme. You'll receive half the points of your friends' memes by clicking them.

What are the various ways players can play Make It Meme?

Choose from "Normal,"  "Same Meme," or "Relaxed" modes.

  • Each participant receives a meme to use as a caption and is asked to write their own. Gamers then give each other stars based on how amusing their memes were.The victor is the one who accumulates the most points at the end of the game.
  • Participants are all given the same meme at the round's start and asked to come up with their own words. Everything else works exactly the same in "Normal" mode.
  • You don't have to rush. You can take your time creating your meme. Then you can save and load it whenever you want. The norm is to enjoy memes and not evaluate them. Maximum imagination, minimum pressure!

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