Planet Clicker 2
Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2

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Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2 invites you to step into the vast universe in a virtual world with beautiful planets. Start your exploration on your beloved Earth and expand your destructive power to other neighboring planets. This journey in endless space promises to offer the most unique and addictive experiences. It won't take you long to get used to the gameplay and all the special features of Planet Clicker 2. So, are you ready to join this galactic adventure?

Understand the Rules of This Game

  • Use your mouse to click on the planet image in the center of the screen.
  • The score equivalent to the collected energy will be the key to unlocking attractive upgrades.
  • Each upgrade will be equivalent to an amazing boost in the automatic counting system and power at a keystroke.
  • You can unlock other planets when you reach a certain score.
  • The use and activation of upgrades are optional.
  • Players can follow the data analysis table with each specific indicator in the Stats section on the main screen.

Explore the Marvelous In-Game Shop

The in-game shop is where you can find all the support. Each upgrade will correspond to a certain exchange power requirement. This price will increase each time you use it, making the challenge more difficult.

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