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Return Man 3

Return Man 3

Return Man 3
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The third part of Return Man, the exciting American football game series. In this game, your main task is to control a player (who blocks the ball) to catch the ball and bring it to the finish line safely for a touchdown.

How to play

  • Use the button I to run forward up.
  • Use the buttons J and L to run left and right.
  • Use the button K to run down.
  • When you have unlocked the special moves, using the button A-S-D to use these moves.
  • In addition, in case you feel these controls are not familiar, you also can use the arrow keys to move.

Tips and tricks

  • You can play Return Man 3 in full-screen mode.
  • When your teammates are near the defenders of your opponent, they will stop the defenders.
  • Get the power-ups in the map as soon as you can to get an advantage.
  • Click on an unlocked stage to continue. As you progress, more stages will be unlocked.
  • The circle shape of ice will make you fall when running through it.
  • You can change controls of this game by clicking on the setting icon on the menu screen.
  • The location and direction of defenders in each level won't be changed even you play it many times. So, try to remember them to pass the level easier


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