Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass

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Geometry Dash Down Bass

Geometry Dash Down Bass is a solo Extreme Demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins developed and initially hacked-verified by Spectra, but it was rated when RedUniverse genuinely defeated it on broadcast to convince RobTop to rate it. The replica of Nine Circles is exceedingly challenging.

On August 25, 2016, Spectra's new, harsher version of Down Bass was hack-verified by a player known as TheRealSneaky. Significant boosts in the wave and mini-wave components, as well as a few visual modifications, are the most visible alterations. Down Bass is an extremely tough Nine Circles level with a lime color scheme, as seen at the beginning of the level when the lettering states "Lime Circles" (updated to Down Bass in the latest update). The opening and finale are sunset-themed, complete with skyscrapers and cranes. The level used to utilise 2.0 effects to mock the player, but they have been mainly deleted. However, the decoration remains 2.0-esque, and the user money remain on the level.

Deep Bass is the anticipated official sequel to Down Bass.


The level begins with a basic cube and a few gimmicks. Then comes a simple ship section with gaps. The level then enters a basic cube with easy orbs to leap before the wave.

The song soon becomes Nine Circles. This long wave dominates the level. It begins with a spam wave that needs consistent clicking, followed by a mini-wave. Next comes a challenging portion that many players consider the hardest part of the level, which begins with a dual with tight timings and a tight mini-wave. After a brief, simple wave, the gameplay slows down. After this, the action speeds up with a dazzling wave segment with a weird click pattern. Next comes a mini-wave spam with irregular and shaky transitions, followed by a dual spam that's challenging to enter. After this, the game becomes simpler, with basic timings, a few fakes, and straightforward gameplay. Next, there's a hard-controlled mini-wave spam that's simple to goof up, followed by an easy phase where the player may collect the first coin, followed by an easy dual with a terrible transition out of it. Next comes a challenging section with tight gameplay, demanding controlled spam, precise timing, and hard micro clicking, followed by a basic part with a bright backdrop and a sluggish break cube. The last wave begins with a challenging wave with narrow artificial passageways, followed by a mini-wave spam. Two additional tight fakes are followed by a challenging and stressful final spam with a hard-controlled mini-wave and multiple gravity portals.

The player must pass an easy cube and ball with numerous phony orbs and gravity portals if they survive the wave. The player will change into a cube and tumble through a teleport portal if they pass this. The level finishes when they change into a UFO and evade several unseen spikes. A wave with tricky timings and flashing stars was eliminated.


  • The height is 1m 11s.
  • This level was originally placed at #19 on Geometry Dash Demonlist January 4, 2017, above AcropoliX (20) and below Hell Factory (18).
  • The Demon was the updated Down Bass, which defeated Cataclysm in the Top 10.
  • It appears that there is an earlier version of this level that no one has ever legitimately beaten.
  • According to the creator, Down Bass was released May 8, 2015 and was rated after ten month.
  • Down Bass is Spectra’s first and only featured Demon and it was rated only because RedUniverse beat it. It also prefigures RedUniverse's level (Crimson Clutter), that he verified and was rated Demon. This is also his only rated level.
  • However, Spectra has an older, unrated Nine Circles level: it's PolterGeist. This is an extremely difficult remake with a Sharp Minor-like colour scheme and even a mixed dual prior to the wave (cube/ship/ball/ship).
  • This level ends in the same way as The Realistic. Both of them end in an empty UFO section.
  • The original level had a longer wave mode and a third wave mode. However, this was removed later in the third version.
  • The creator created a last tricky cube using Tokyo blocks for a brief time. It ended at the second drop. 
  • While everyone believes that Fear Me has the most recent Nine Circles level of , Down Bass actually received 27 updates. 
  • The second version was the most difficult. It featured several monsters that made spaces smaller and the final wave which was more difficult.
  • An accidental blue pad placed at the beginning of the level made it a free Demon. After several hours, the blue pad could be patched and the "secret path" removed.
  • Version Riot beat has been deemed to be the most enjoyable version of the level.
  • The level is called "Down Bass", which is also the name for a Phantomech2 Demon level that lasts 50 seconds. However, older versions of the level had "Lime Circles" at their start.
  • Because of copyright, the music for this level was removed from Newgrounds.
  • A new Down Bass Incarnation remake was announced by Spectra in 2017. It was then passed on to Reda and then picked up by Wesp. This is still being built. The level was renamed Down Bass Incarnate. After Wesp's homophobic remarks about KrizHasALisp and his telling him to hang, Iris took over as the host for a time. Wespdx was able to get his channel back, and is now the official broadcaster along with Iris.
  • This level is often called "Barf Circles" due to its unappetizing color scheme.
  • The demise of Down Bass was achieved by the inclusion of MirroredCalamity on the 2nd of January 2021.