Geometry Dash Quasar

Geometry Dash Quasar

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Geometry Dash Quasar

Geometry Dash Quasar

Geometry Dash Quasar is a Hard Demon level rated 10 stars created by Allan. Despite its community classification, it is a recreation of Nine Circles with an indigo color scheme and is regarded an Easy or Medium Demon by the designer. This level is regarded as one of the greatest and most distinctive Nine Circles levels. The level incorporates Update 2.0 aesthetics and effects into the 1.9 Nine Circles style, replacing many of the slanted blocks in the wave area with tiered backdrop decorations and invisible colliders.


The level begins with a reasonably challenging cube part that is largely timed. This is followed by a rather perplexing and relatively challenging dual segment. (Note that there is a blue pad concealing a pink orb in the section immediately before the duel that the player must strike to prevent crashing.) Before the following portion of the level, the dual section comes to a halt and features a triple spike leap. The song suddenly rises up quickly and puts the player into a hard - but very simple to handle - double speed ship.

Following this ship comes a rather simple UFO part with some quite simple timings. Following the UFO, the music quickens and introduces a double speed cube with moving items and some fairly challenging leaps, soon followed by a small ball that demands some very early timing to avoid smashing into the spikes. Following this ball is a robot, which is somewhat tough since there are four leaps that demand extremely light timings, but not so light that the player crashes into the gear they are attempting to jump over. Following this robot, the player must complete a very rapid triple-speed upside-down micro flying phase that requires some excellent straight fly talent.

After the ship, the music slows down and begins to build up, and a normal-speed ball will follow, but it will be tough since there are many phony blocks that create alternative confusing and erroneous pathways, causing the player to crash several times. If the player makes it through this, they will enter an auto cube, where the music will continue to build up in anticipation of a drop. The initials "GLHF" appear and stand for "Good Luck, Have Fun." The music beat then lowers, and the level's Nine Circles wave appears. This wave section has several false lines, speed changes, and size variations, as well as small spikes that may aggravate the player if they go too near to the wave's edge.

After around 30% of the wave, the player will enter a mixed dual portion with a ship and a cube, very similar to Ditched Machine. This combination requires some heavy mashing to keep the cube from collapsing into a spike while maintaining a steady straight flight at triple speed. The player then enters a mirror portal back into the wave, but not before a short UFO portion that includes three or four leaps appears. The player then enters one final segment of a somewhat challenging wave in mirror mode, followed by a ball with four extremely easy timings. Following this, the words "GG! Allan" and "Obj Limit;_;" appear, indicating that the player has completed the level, with the creator's name, Allan, and the information that the maximum object limit (30,000) was reached, indicating the level's conclusion.


  • Password for this level: 314159
  • This level has 30,454 items.
  • This level, Bausha Vortex and Astronaut 13 are the only Nine Circles levels with a mixed dual.
  • The level's wave section pulses slower than other Nine Circles levels.
  • Strangely, in the section of the auto cube, if the start position is set right below it, the player will somehow run into the wall and the text "NO!" will pop up. The text "NO!" will appear. The area is virtually impossible to reach in the previous ball segment. This is not clear if this was meant to be a fake path.
  • Nine Paws and this level are the only Nine Circles levels to use every gamemode available at the time.
  • This level inspired an update to SrDeay’s Nine Circles level, Evil.
  • It features 1.6 sawblades instead of the more petal-like ones found in other Nine Circles levels.
  • It is the first Nine Circles level to use MafiaPineapple songs, the second being Pulsar.
  • A quasar in astronomy is an extremely bright active galactic nucleus (AGN).


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