Geometry Dash Theory of SkriLLex
Geometry Dash Theory of SkriLLex

Geometry Dash Theory of SkriLLex

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Geometry Dash Theory of SkriLLex

Geometry Dash Theory of SkriLLex is a popular level in the Geometry Dash game created by noobas. It is a Medium Demon level that is rated 10 stars, and it was created during Update 1.9 of the game. The level's design is reminiscent of the main level Theory of Everything 2 and was hack-verified and published by noobas. Theory of SkriLLex is highly acclaimed for its excellent music synchronization, well-crafted design, and the now-famous wave segment. Despite this flaw, the level has maintained its immense popularity and is presently the most favorably rated Medium Demon in the game.


Theory of SkriLLex starts with a cube section that contains simple jumps, including some fake ones that are easily noticed by the X mark on those orbs. The section also involves invisible platforms on the ground, which normally have spikes above them to force the player to time their jumps. After this, the drop begins, marking the start of the first moderately difficult section of the level.

The cube is then thrown into a moderately hard UFO section, similar to that of ToE 2, but harder due to tighter spaces, triple speed, and a few gravity portals. The next double-speed ship sequence is quite easy and does not have many tricks to it, but the next half-speed mini UFO section is quite tricky, with many places that can catch the player unaware and cause them to crash near the end of the level.

The last triple-speed ball should be done carefully, and the orbs should be hit as soon as possible because timing them late normally results in a crash. The level ends with an auto cube section consisting of two jump pads.

Interesting Facts

  • The level contains 14,764 objects and is 1 minute and 9 seconds in length.
  • Despite its initial rating as a Medium Demon, it was later classified as an Easy Demon for skilled players, but it is still one of the most liked Medium Demons in the game.
  • It is interesting to note that there is a remake of the level called Theory of FirePower with a different song.
  • Part of this level is used in the level Ultimate Demon Mix, starting from the triple-speed mini-cube part and ending at the mini-wave.

Overall, Geometry Dash Theory of SkriLLex is a challenging level that has gained a lot of popularity among the game's players.