Geometry Dash Classic

Geometry Dash Classic

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Geometry Dash Classic

Geometry Dash Classic

Geometry Dash Classic is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins, was developed by VERSU5 (formerly ComplexX). It is often recognized as one of the most challenging Insane Demon Nine Circles remakes, behind only Poltergeist. The level has a green color scheme and, for the first time, lacks a ship sequence and/or a ball section, unlike prior Nine Circles levels. This level focuses on time and memory. Its difficulty is equivalent to that of Headrush and Sharp Minor, the former being a Hard Demon and the latter an Insane Demon.


The level begins with a fairly tough cube part filled with traps and fakes, followed by a Fairydust like labyrinth section filled with troll orbs. The wave phase comes quite early, at 17%, and is broken into two parts:

  • Singer wake: Spikes, bogus lines, saw-blades, and size/gravity portals abound in a single wave. Advanced mashing skills and precise timing are required.
  • Dual wave: This is the wave's second half. The architecture of the level changes dramatically after the twin portal: there are no portals, and the distinctive dangers are thorns and phony lines. This portion is quite tough and needs precise mechanical timing. The pace slows at the conclusion, as the gaps shrink with menacing spikes.

The last piece is a somewhat tough cube section with 1.8 blocks, similar to the one at the conclusion of Nine Circles. The gameplay is likewise similar: dodge spikes, cross false lines, and strike the orbs with precise time. The level then concludes with the ComplexX mark, a "wall of fame," and, in front of a Lenny face, an unseen saw-blade that may create a frustrating death at 97%.


  • A Lenny face (at the beginning and finish) and a monster face (near the drop and in the last cube) occur twice in this level.
  • ComplexX worked with Dzeser on another remake, Astronaut 13. It obtained a Demon rating, but after around fifteen thousand likes, a hacker transformed it into a free Demon, causing Dzeser to erase and re-upload the level. This level is presently awaiting re-rating.
  • Even though Problematic was the first to get stars, this was the first green remake to be published.

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