Geometry Dash HeadRush

Geometry Dash HeadRush

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Geometry Dash HeadRush

Geometry Dash HeadRush

Geometry Dash HeadRush is a Hard Demon level rated 10 stars created by Toxic GD, the update of which was verified by MaxiS9. It is a challenging recreation of Nine Circles, as well as one of the first Nine Circles levels ever made, being one of the original ten. It is often referred to as a Hard Demon.


  • 0-5%: This level features a simple cube section with simple jumps, tricky timings and fake spikes.
  • 6-12%: Next the player will enter a challenging double-speed ship sequence. The player must be careful to time their clicks, and keep straight-fly. Similar to Jawbreaker the ship sequence has many gravity portals.
  • 13-26%: The player then enters an easy ball segment. It requires memorization, as there are several timed jumps and fakes. Halfway through, it will briefly go to normal speed, then back to half speed.
  • 27-32%: After that, the player moves into a cube section at double speed. This section contains some pink jump pads and a few pink jump orbs. Finally, the auto section is near the end. The player will then move to half speed. There are also simple jumps as well as auto sections.
  • 33-86%: The song then drops and the epileptic hard three speed wave segment is introduced. It is slightly more difficult than other Nine Circles levels because of the gravity, speed, size and timing changes, tight space, crucial timing and fake lines, Trolls, and dual modes.
  • 87-100%: Then, transition into a difficult double-speed cube section at medium difficulty. This section involves fake linings, timed jumps, and jump orbs. Halfway through, player switches to normal speed and then to half speed. The level ends with TOXIC as the creator's last name. To avoid a difficult to see spike, the player must jump through it. This will prevent a very frustrating death at level's end.


  • 31758 items are contained in this level.
  • It is a remake for Nine Circles.
  • Headrush is generally considered one of Nine Circles' most difficult remakes. It is around the difficulty of Silhouette, Classic and Fairydust. Although Headrush is not as difficult as Catastrophic and Crimson Clutter, it is still a challenging level.
  • The color scheme of the level is white/gray. This is slightly lighter that Poltergeist and Andromeda.
  • This level was uploaded the day after Astronaut 13 (Minesapand most likely as Classic on May 2, 2015.
  • MaxiS9 has verified that the level received a major update. It changed the drop to the second, altered the decorations, and made the drop more attractive.