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In Geometry Dash, Demon is the most challenging levels that can be played, and finishing them often takes a lot of skill and effort. After completing a Demon level, the player will get 10 stars. With Update 2.1, Demon levels are also categorized into 5 stages of escalating difficulty:

  • Easy Demons: Among the five classifications, Easy Demons are the simplest to defeat and need the least amount of talent and effort. Examples worth mentioning are Sidestep, The Nightmare, and The Lightning Road.
  • Medium Demons: Demons of the medium difficulty level are described as demonic. They are not as challenging as the following, although they are a little tougher than an Easy Demon. A few examples include Theory of SkriLLex, B, and Lonely Trip.
  • Hard Demons: The middle level of Demon difficulty is Hard Demons. A lot of practice and work are needed to successfully accomplish Hard Demons since they are highly challenging. Future Funk, Nine Circles, and CraZy are a few well-known Hard Demons.
  • Insane Demons are very difficult Demon levels that take a lot of skill and effort to overcome. While they aren't as harsh as Extreme Demons, they nevertheless provide a challenge to the player. Insane Demons such as Supersonic, Necropolis, and Duelo Maestro are well-known.
  • Extreme Demons: The most difficult of the five subcategories is Extreme Demons. It is quite difficult to accomplish these levels since they need a lot of expertise, skill, endurance, and effort. The three greatest examples are Bloodbath, Zodiac, and Artificial Ascent.